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Outdoor Catalog

  1. Decorative Outdoor
  2. Facade Lighter Wall Mount
  3. Round Wall or Ceiling
  4. Square Wall or Ceiling
  5. Shaped Wall Mount
  6. Floodlights
  7. Bollards/Posts
  8. Round Recessed Downlighting
  9. Square Recessed Downlighting
  10. In Grade Uplights
  11. Fountain Lighting
  12. Linear
  13. Back-Up Emergency
  14. Retrofit
  15. Wet Label LED Linear Cove

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High purity extruded aluminum reflector with specular auxillary reflectors.
Low copper alloy die cast aluminum door frame.
HPF magnetic ballast integral to fixture.
csa logo listed wet label IP55.
Tempered glass lens.
Fixture is made in the U.S.A.
Complies with ARRA